What our clients are saying

" I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all the help you gave me. You explained every step and never put any pressure on me. You were very honest and I felt very comfortable every time we met. You gave me a fair price and we signed and closed on the dates you promised. I am very satisfied working with you for the past few months. Thank you again."
- Ellie B.

" We recently sold our house to Spartan in North Portland that we were in for 28 years although it is always stressful selling I could not ask for a better company to sell to other than Spartan. I checked a lot of them out before the sale and took a chance on Spartan but was not disappointed. Everything was handled in a very professional way and Clint made the process much easier and was willing to work with us for moving dates and having a Estate Sale after and doing clean up to make it a very smooth transaction. I would highly recommend Spartan to anyone interested in cash out or selling a house since they care and respect any needs that may come up during the sale of the house. Thanks again to Clint and Spartan team for making this a very successful business transaction."
- Kelly E.

"Mr. Welsh, Once again I would like to thank you for the excellent results I received from you as representative of Spartan Redevelopment. From the moment I contacted Spartan, you were knowledgeable, organized, helpful and very fair in your dealings. It has been a pleasure working with you."
- Theresa H.

"Hi Clint, Good job with my Dads house. I have been by there almost every week since you bought it. You have done an excellent job. I walked up the driveway yesterday and it almost felt the same as it did over fifty years ago, thanks"
- Mike H.

"Hi Clint, Thank you for the most painless real estate transaction I have ever had. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys do with the property to make it shine. Have a great weekend." ​
- Diana S.