Distressed of Fixer Property

Spartan Redevelopment purchases properties in any condition.

Whether your property has minor cosmetic needs or significant issues that exclude it from qualifying for traditional bank financing, we will buy it! We have the knowledge and experience needed to tackle every project so that you don't have to.

From repairing and replacing failing foundations to the mitigation of asbestos, mold remediation, oil leaks, drug contamination and other environmental hazards, no project is ever too big for Spartan Redevelopment. Even if you've had a fire, flood or the property has been condemned or abandoned for years, Spartan Redevelopment is still interested and we will buy it! We have the experience and skill set to see the potential in every home. You won't hear us say 'it's too far gone...it's just too much for us to handle' or 'I'm not sure what we would do here'. We've seen it before, we've done it before!

We buy houses in As-Is condition using CASH. You never have to worry about inspections, making costly repairs or whether an appraisal will come in at the needed value. There is never the risk of a lender 'pulling the plug' at the last minute, because there isn't one! Spartan Redevelopment does not rely on bank financing. Regardless of the properties condition, closing on time, in as-is condition is never an issue.

Why would you want to spend your precious time and money making costly repairs and dealing with property inspections when you don't have to? Why spend weeks or even months cleaning, organizing and sorting through years of belongings when you don't have to? Just take what you want and Spartan Redevelopment will handle the rest. We will handle the issues, big or small, so you don't have to!

We get it. It's easy to fall behind on repairs and improvements throughout the years. While 'cosmetic issues' may not demand the same attention (or costs) as the more significant problems, these issues can still create challenges during the traditional sales process. A potential buyer may request that a long list of upgrades be made in advance of closing or determine that the home simply needs too much work overall and will cost too much time and money for them to remain interested. This often takes place weeks into the sale and can tie the process up in lengthy and contentious negotiations. Spartan Redevelopment are professionals at maximizing a property's value. But don't get us wrong...it doesn't have to be a major 'fixer' for Spartan Redevelopment to be interested. Spartan Redevelopmentcan still offer you a fair price for your home while also eliminating the headaches that often go along with a traditional sale.

Call us today at 503-209-3550 or complete this short questionnaire to see truly how easy it is to sell your property, in as-is condition, for all-cash!