Estate & Family Matters

There are many difficult situations that occur within a family that may involve the need to sell a property.

These situations are emotional and often present difficult decisions and transitions that must be approached with the utmost delicacy, respect and compassion. The ability to understand the uniqueness of each and provide flexibility throughout is paramount when presented with any unwanted or unwelcome home change. We understand these processes and have the experience to assist.

Estates: Dealing with the loss of a loved one is often the greatest challenge any family will face. The needs of each family member as well as the emotions involved must be considered first and met with care. We promise to put your family first. Our experience and understanding allow us to work side by side with multiple decision makers (i.e. Attorneys, Personal Representatives, CPAs, Financial Planners, Heirs, etc) throughout the process to exact the best outcome for everyone involved. We realize that estates often involve many legal and financial complexities that require not only knowledge of the subject, but patience and flexibility as well. We are always willing to work with each party involved to ensure their needs are understood and considered in as sensitive a manner as is possible. We will review, explain and amend the details of the transaction as needed to meet the varying requirements of the estate.

Furthermore, we provide an as-is solution that eliminates the requirement to clean and/or remove a lifetime of personal possessions or belongings. Simply remove what you want and leave the rest to us. Whether the contents get donated to a charity, recycled, or taken to the dump, we will take care of nearly anything you leave behind. We understand there are more important considerations at hand and we want to help remove as much uncertainty and unnecessary stress from the process as possible.

Divorce/Separation: Whether the decision to split is amicable or not, the selling of a home and the division of assets is never an easy thing. We promise to manage the process professionally and respect the wishes of each party involved. We will work with both sides to establish defined objectives and draft an offer to meet each parties needs. We will then provide a detailed, step by step plan to achieve the objectives. The process will be managed with the utmost respect, discretion and care. If you need it closed fast or delayed until details can be finalized, we can accommodate!

Additional Family Matters: There are many other unique and challenging family situations that may require the sale of real estate. Have you been faced with moving yourself or a loved one to a long-term care facility? Maybe you've inherited a property that you don't intend to keep or that you don't have the time, desire or ability to manage the process? Whatever you are faced with, Spartan Redevelopment has the experience and capability to assist you. Whether it calls for time and space to allow for important details to be finalized or a quick, all cash, as-is closing, we will work with you to take many of the challenges out of the equation and make the home sale process as smooth as possible. We are here to help!