Underperforming Investment Properties

Has your investment property turned into more of a headache then you bargained for?

Have the tenants that once appeared reliable turned out to be everything but? Have they stopped paying rent or broken their lease and forced you to evict them? Has your property gone vacant (again) and you've grown tired of paying a management company to find new tenants? Or maybe you manage the property on your own and are burnt out on the time, effort and money it takes to locate and screen new tenants. Tired of the maintenance calls, repairs and updates necessary to keep tenants happy? Do you live out of state and are not able to monitor its condition first hand or ready it for a traditional sale? Or even worse, the previous tenants have done damage to the property? Whatever the case may be, Spartan Redevelopment has a solution!

Let Spartan Redevelopment handle your bad renters so you can move on! Let us take over your vacant property that is sitting idle, at risk, and likely losing value while you take time to determine your best course of action. Don't pay for costly repairs, tenant screenings, evictions or realtor commissions when Spartan Redevelopment makes it quick and easy to free yourself and your money from the headache that your investment has become. Even if you have multiple properties that you need to sell together or 1031 into something else, we have the ability, understanding and funds necessary to provide a seamless transition.

Spartan Redevelopment works with investors like you to provide an all-cash, as-is, no fees offers to help remove the burden that your investment property has become. We will take over any issues and provide the simplest route to liquidating your under-performing investment property and getting you fast access to your equity! Call us today at 503-209-3550 or fill out a brief property questionnaire to begin the process of moving your money into a more profitable investment.