Financial Matters

Being forced to sell your home due to a financial crisis is difficult, but increasingly common these days.

You are not alone in this. Nobody expects to lose their job and the fact remains that replacing that income stream is not always something that happens quickly. Unfortunately, you can't put your bills on hold while you get back on your feet. The process can become even more challenging if the property needs any repairs or isn't currently in marketable condition. You may need a result fast and we can help with that. We will purchase your home for cash in as-is condition and we can close quickly!

If you are facing foreclosure, are upside down in your property, have lost your job or income stream, need quick cash to satisfy a lawsuit, bankruptcy or any financial need, please give us a call. As all-cash buyers we can work with you to develop a strategy, and if the situation calls for it, close extremely fast to beat any deadlines being imposed on you by a financial institution.

You can rest assured that your information and situation will be handled discretely and never shared outside of the transaction. Spartan Redevelopment can help you satisfy your financial obligations and give you a fresh start. Call us at 503-209-3550 or fill out a brief property questionnaire to find out more.