Confidential Sale – Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to you. We get that.

Many people prefer to keep the sale of their home and the information associated with that transaction private. They'd rather avoid the constant parade of potential buyers through their home, who nit-pick and scan over their private property. Nobody wants someone peering in their windows, constant slow drive by traffic, or calls at all hours to schedule a showing. Your reasons for selling are your own and really none of your neighbors or anyone else's business. We will make certain that your information will be kept private and you can avoid many of the intrusions associated with a traditional sale. We'll help you move on to your new residence in privacy.

Our promise to you is that we will not share your personal information with any third party, other than those assisting to close the transaction (i.e. Title Company). We will not advertise your property in any way until well after the closing date. No signs in your yard, no pictures on the internet, just a quick and easy transaction customized to meet your needs. Your privacy is important to us.