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How do I know if I am dealing with a legitimate Cash House Buyer in Portland, Oregon?

Clint Welsh - Friday, July 30, 2021

You’ve seen the headlines over the past year regarding the housing market.  There is simply no hiding the fact that the Portland, Oregon housing market has been red hot and homes are in high demand.  

“My Sisters friends Brothers Uncle just sold their house for $100K over list price”.  

“Aunt Jenny sold her house in 1 day”.  

“Ben got 17 offers on his house”.  

We’ve all heard the stories and they are no doubt intriguing and appealing…and in many cases, very true!

Selling a home that is market ready in a prime location of Portland Oregon over the past year has been in many instances easier then ever.  But not every home, not every location, not every factor produces the same results.  The headlines never explain how long the process took…the repairs that were requested…the appraisals that came in low…the financing that fell through…the difficult buyers and their overreaching demands.  The list goes on.  The fact remains that the process of selling home can come with many hurdles and struggles.  Not every situation, not every seller and not every home has the time or luxury to work through that process.  

What if you are selling a house that needs repairs?  What do you do when you need an offer fast homes?  You’re wondering how to sale my house fast…how do I get a fair fast offer?  You likely need to consider selling my house to a cash buyer for fast cash Portland.  But how do you know who is the right buyer?  How do you know that you can trust that they will do what they say…that they will close…that they are legitimate?  Well, those answers aren’t always clear at first, but we are here to set you on the right path and give you some key factors to consider when looking for a cash buyer.

When you drive through town you have no doubt seen we buy houses signs.  They often appear to be everywhere, and they always seem to say some version of the same thing:  

“ We buy houses Salem Oregon ” 

“ We buy houses Portland Oregon ”  

“ We Buy houses in Lake Oswego Oregon ”

“ We buy houses in West Linn ”

“ We Buys houses in Portland ”

All offering fast cash for houses.  Everything sounds great, but not every person or “company” who has a website or can produce a sign to hang on a utility pole is legit.  Many are simply looking to tie up your house and then market the contract to a buyer who can actually close, never intending to do so themselves and being ready to walk away in an instance if they can’t find a buyer.  Others may tie up your home and then come back with a long list of repairs in an attempt to negotiate the price lower.  These tactics can quickly turn your easy sale into anything but.  Frustrating!

So how can you avoid these pitfalls?  How can you determine if the Cash Buyer you have contacted is legitimate?  Start by always considering these factors:

  • Can the Buyer provide proof of funds?
  • Can the Buyer provide references for Sellers who have sold to them?
  • Can the Buyer provide references from escrow/title companies on recent closings?
  • Can the Buyer provide a list of properties they own or have purchased in the recent past?
  • Is the Buyer willing to place a large non-refundable earnest money deposit?
  • How many years has this Buyer been in business?

These are just a handful of items to consider.  In the end, you are often selling your most valuable asset and you need to know that the Cash Buyer can and will do what they promise.  So be diligent before you sign the contract.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If your buyer cannot or will not answer them or cannot offer verifications on any of the items listed above, be very careful...and in many instances just move on.  Strongly consider doing business with someone else.  Call a company like Spartan Redevelopment who will never let you down and will do what they say they can.  

Spartan Redevelopment is a locally owned and operated Cash Buyer in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas.  They have years of experience over 100’s of projects and can provide any and all assurances that you need to know that you will never be left wondering if you just made a big mistake.  Spartan Redevelopment is here to help and we stand behind our process.  Give us a call today at either 503-209-3550 or 503-342-4365 to find out why we are your best option for selling your home in and around Portland!